Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy father's day!

This is my dad.
christmas 2009

He's an interesting guy. Pretty awesome. He's done lots of important and cool stuff.

Like send me flowers when I went away to college all by myself.

And go on a mission trip to Brazil with me and some other members of our church in 2006.

Lean on me in restaurants. (This was usually met more by annoyance, but for some reason I'm smiling in this picture.)

Pose for weird self-timer pictures with his daughters.

Lots of hugging.

And coming to see me dance, and always being supportive of my dancing, and always wanting me to try new types of dance.

One of my favorite birthday traditions with my dad is that for the last ten years we've gone to see at least one ADF performance. My dad always liked to find new types of dance for me to try and learn about. We've seen so many amazing performances at ADF.

He shared the love of Harry Potter that his children had growing up in that generation. Of the four midnight book releases (4, 5, 6 & 7), I went to three of them with my dad.

This year, we didn't have easter eggs to hunt, so my dad threw a bunch of golf balls out in the yard for us to get, and gave us a dollar for every 3 we found.

We've gone on trips together just the two of us, the best ones of course were both in the year 2006--a trip to CA for his sabbatical and a college tour for me, and then later that year, the mission trip to Brazil. 

My dad always picks up the weirdest looking produce. The most oddly misshapen tomatoes will be the ones we end up with. 

He's also an amazing cook. I didn't have to cook much growing up because he (and my sister) enjoyed it so much. He also enjoyed experimenting, which sometimes was good and other times meant we had hot dogs in the king ranch.

We played lots of board games in our family, especially ones that most people have never heard of like Merchants of Venice, Settlers of Catan, The Age of Renaissance, Carcassone, Acquire, Trans America, Masterpiece, etc. A lot of these were long but still fun. And usually had some basis in history, so we were kind of learning?

When I was in late elementary/middle school, I really enjoyed the Dear America book series, fiction about young girls in different historical periods about how their lives were affected by some significant historical events. I mentioned to my dad it would be really cool to be able to learn Mexican or Canadian history this way, and one Christmas, I got a box full of Dear Canada books from my parents and I learned a lot of Canadian history that way.

I've learned a lot from my dad, about being a good person, and taking care of myself, others and the world. I've also been able to laugh my whole life, because my dad has always shown me the importance of laughter in a healthy life.

Here's to you Daddy--keep making us all laugh :) Happy Father's Day! Love you!

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