Wednesday, June 1, 2011

music to save your life

About a month ago, I decided I needed to stop listening to music that fit my bad mood, because then it just made it worse. Maybe that seems obvious to some of you, but it's something I'm having to learn--not to focus on all the crap in my life, but to focus on what I can do. I needed a music playlist of encouraging music, to remind me that things are going to be okay, and to stop being afraid. I made a playlist for my sister when she was going into finals with some of the music too, and called it YOU CAN DO IT! She said the music helped her. And it's been helping me.

I titled my playlist no.fear. And here's what's on it--predictably a lot of gospel since that's what I find most comforting :) Music to remind me I need to stop wallowing... a tendency I have when I don't know what's next.

Here Comes Tomorrow-Ken Medema
Better Get to Livin'-Dolly Parton
Lean on Me-Bill Withers
Let Go-Frou Frou
Sweet By and By-Darrell Adams
What a Friend-Mary Mary
Still Got Me-Jump5
Doin' Fine-Jewel
Trouble Ain't-Mary Mary
I Am Not Forgotten-Israel & New Breed
Defying Gravity-Idina Menzel & Kristin Chenoweth
Can't Give Up Now-Mary Mary
Let It Be-The Beatles
Come Awake-David Crowder Band
Life Uncommon-Jewel
Dance-Michael Stern
Unwritten-Natasha Bedingfield
It's a New
You Are-Kirk Franklin
I Hope-Dixie Chicks
In The Morning-Mary Mary
Girando Hacía Ti-Marcela Gandara
My Life is in Your Hands-Kirk Franklin
Hope-Twista & Faith Evans
Hold Me Now-Kirk Franklin
I Know Who Holds Tomorrow-Darrell Adams
Força-Nelly Furtado
Dance in the Cross Roads-Ken Medema (my blog's namesake!)
Lean On Me-Kirk Franklin
I'll Fly Away-Alison Krauss & Gillian Welch
I Will Get There-Boyz II Men
We Still Have a Dream-Michael Stern
Save the Day-Kate Campbell
Stand Still-Mary Mary
His Eye is on the Sparrow-Lauryn Hill & Tanya Blount
Fingerprints of God-Steven Curtis Chapman
Still My Child-Mary Mary
Hold On-Wilson Phillips
This Love-Mary Mary
Heavenly Day-Patty Griffin
No Stress Express-Half Pintl
Beautiful Day-U2

what would be on your "no fear" playlist?

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