Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Potter Generation

In honor of the final installment in the Harry Potter movies, I am doing a series on Harry Potter.

I'm interning at the Austin Children's Museum this summer with the summer camp of kids age 7-10. One of the kids was reading Half-Blood Prince and another was reading Sorcerer's Stone, and they began bragging about how fast they could read them. I didn't jump in and mention that I had friends that took 6 hours to read one, or that it took me only about 10.

But it struck me--these kids, being 7-10, have never known a world without Harry Potter.

And I grew up with Harry. Once Harry Potter started becoming popular in the States, around when I was in fifth grade, I read the first three that had come out. Fell in love with them. Books 4 through 7 had midnight release parties, and I was at all of them. I've seen ever Harry Potter movie in theaters, 4 (soon to be 5) at midnight.

I have Harry Potter jewelry. I have Harry Potter tshirts. I have Harry Potter legos, notebooks, stickers, pens, stationary, figurines, posters from book releases... My ipod, iphone, and external hard drive are all named after HP characters (Padfoot, Ginn Weasley and Nymphadora tonks, respectively). I have loved Harry Potter a long time.

I have loved growing up with Harry. Book 7 came out right after I finished high school and now the last movie is coming out right after I finished college. It has sort of made me feel like my childhood is over because of it. Not that I won't go on loving Harry Potter... I've read the older books probably more than 20 times now... I've lost count. And they still make me laugh, they still make me cry. J. K. Rowling gave the world an unlikely hero, and I have loved him since he bumped his head in his cupboard under the stairs and a bunch of spiders fell on him. I am part of the Potter Generation. I will be dressing up for the last movie tonight, and I've even already planned to go see it again on Saturday.

It's been awesome this year that once again, HP week coincides with my birthday week. I'm so glad I got to grow up in the Age of Harry Potter. I've had so many fun convos with the kids a the museum, showing our HP nerddom. Love it.

I'm going to cry so much tonight.

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