Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Driving Lessons

Most people know... I don't have a driver's license. I took driver's ed with everyone else in high school, did the behind the wheel training and got my learner's permit when I was 15... but then I decided I didn't like driving very much. I was so nervous and tense that when I got out of the car, my whole body ached. I didn't want to drive, so I didn't very often. I didn't practice, and once the time had passed that I could take the driving test, I wasn't ready and didn't really care.

I got away without it since I lived so close to everywhere I needed to go and just walked a lot or bummed rides from my friends and parents. When I went to college, I wouldn't have had a car anyway so I figured out the bus system. The summer after my freshman year, I figured I should work on driving again, so I renewed my learner's permit (which expired when I turned 18). I never practiced. A year and a half later and that one expired too. The last few years I've managed through the bus system, my friends and family to get places. Not having a driver's license was definitely a challenge, but I kept figuring I wouldn't have had a car anyway and always tried to be as mindful as possible when asking for rides.

Then this year--I figured I'd be riding the bus again. I'm used to it and I actually do enjoy it. I love meeting different people on the bus and having that time to read or listen to music. With our situation, Verbum Dei allows us use of a car for us to carpool to work, so I haven't had to ride the bus as much. And then it came out that I kindasorta needed a license for my job which, through some miscommunication before my hiring, had not come up previously. I had always figured I would get my license eventually, and apparently eventually is now.

I got my THIRD learner's permit at the end of August and have been practicing driving since then, with the aim of having a license by October 22nd, our first field trip. Driving has been going really well--fortunately in 5 years, some of the nervousness has worn off and it's definitely feeling more comfortable. I would not say I particularly enjoy driving, but I haven't hated it as much as I used to either. Soooooo... I scheduled my driving test for next Friday. And I'm freaking out about it. But third time's the charm, right?

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