Sunday, October 23, 2011

October Update

Last week, I took the driving test twice. And failed twice. Both times because of "critical driving errors" that cause automatic fails. That was no fun, but hopefully in the next few weeks I'll have time to go again and third time will be the charm?

This weekend, we took the kids to the Kidspace Museum's Pumpkin Festival in Pasadena. So much fun! The kids got to decorate pumpkins, eat candy, decorate cookies, get their hair colored, play carnival games and win prizes, play on bouncy houses, play in the museum, face painting, tattoos... there was so much going on and the kids loved it!

4 members of Casa DK were not around this weekend, meaning it was just me, Sonia and Hayden. We enjoyed ourselves and are super bonded now ;) Really all we did was hang out and watch movies. We did go to the Verb homecoming game for a while too on Saturday night, but left after we got cold and hungry.

What else has happened...

Urban Compass is already in full swing celebrating Halloween. We bought a lot of Halloween crafts from Oriental Trading and they have been a hit with the kids. We also have done even lower budget crafts such as making ghosts out of paper plates and streamers. This week we'll be decorating pictures of pumpkins.

We're very busy getting ready for our big annual gala coming up on November 5th. I think it is absolutely going to be a success.

Next weekend, we are headed to San Diego for the Halloween party. The week after is our area visit with our program coordinator, Andrew. That weekend is the gala, Jackie's parents will be in town and so will SAMAR, who I am very excited to see :) And then we'll be heading in to November... Thanksgiving in Phoenix, then Dad and David will be visiting beginning of December! The Urban Compass Holiday Party mid-December, and then I will finish out the year back in Texas. It's crazy how fast this year is going by...

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