Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hello November!

I didn't do as good of a job writing about IPV in October as I meant to but you can read a collection of some of the posts I did write here. And you know me, I'll write about IPV whenever I have something to say.

This week brings me to three official months in JVC. In the spirit of this month being about thanksgiving, I would like to mention things that I am currently thankful for:

My job, though intense many days, is fun and rewarding. I love seeing the direct affect I have on children's lives.

sidewalk chalk art, by the kids, celebrating their teachers :)

I keep being known as Queen B now after the crown I made

to the right was Ashley, age 9, to the left, her younger sister Leslie, age 5 copied :)

My Casa-mates. Living in community can be difficult sometimes, but I also would not have made it through the last three months.

Halloween, we bobbed for apples

Kevin dunked his whole head in and spilled water all over the floor

I was not that good...

The greater support system I have from home and around the globe, especially my family and friends.

Including my darling friend Samar that visited last weekend!

Especially in the last few days where SoCal has been COLD, my hoodies, fleece, snuggie, scarves and space heater!

I hope to get better at updating regularly again. The Urban Compass annual gala took place last Saturday, and it went FABULOUSLY. It was so much fun, and most importantly, our founders seemed to enjoy themselves, and that's who we wanted to honor.

Theresa Gartland, Executive Director of Urban Compass, me, Annie Levine, Program Director of Urban Compass (my two lovely bosses!)

the JV's that volunteered to help with the gala! Mike P. & Erica from DK and Carolyn and Jackie P. from CMC!

Casa DK represent!

my lovely casa-mate Erica

Mike P. and I helped keep the dance floor moving :)

Halloween, we did not have Urban Compass, and instead went over to 112th Street Elementary for their Harvest Festival. Annie and I guided kids through the Haunted House, and (shh! don't tell!) Luis was one of the monsters inside scaring people. (I totally convinced a second grader the next day that we had invited monsters to the festival so they could come scare people) It was hilarious. Kids were screaming behind me and I was laughing so hard. It was so much fun seeing everyone dressed up in their Halloween costumes. I was, of course, Hello Kitty.

this is not even an Urban Compass student, but she was also HK, so obv I had to get a photo

one of my first graders--Ani as a tiger

two more 1st graders--Ruth as Supergirl and Elias

Devante, a second grade skeleton, holds a special place in my heart :)

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