Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

What a fabulous way to spend Thanksgiving! Wednesday night, five of us (Mike P., Mike H., Jackie, Erica & I) piled into Barney (our purple 4runner) to head down I-10 to Phoenix, Arizona! Each JV SW house traditionally hosts a holiday, and the Phoenix houses band together for Turkey Day.

We had some fabulous food, thanks to the amazing chefs in Phoenix. Here's the spread:

We hung out and watched A Very Gaga Thanksgiving that night and then settled into our food comas.

Friday, I skipped out on a hike (I'm not much of a hiker...) that Mike P., Jackie & Erica did with a bunch of other people, or exploring Phoenix with Mike H. & others, in favor of meeting my friend Elena for lunch! Slightly embarrassing, but we met through a very pink website at age 14/15... We've been friends through cyberspace for about 7 or 8 years, and since she lived nearby, we finally got to meet in person!

We also ate delicious Indian food.

Friday night we partied a bit, but still got up bright and early to head to the Grand Canyon for a few hours on Saturday.

We spent about two hours there. So beautiful.

Then it was 8 hours back to LA--which was actually not too bad.

The next night we had our Casa DK Thanksgiving, since Sonia and Kevin weren't able to come to Phoenix. We had a ton of leftovers from various Thanksgiving parties at our workplaces the previous week, so we really didn't have much cooking to do--just reheating. It was good to reflect on how thankful we are for each other and our experiences in JVC.

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