Thursday, January 5, 2012


Happy New Year everyone!

I greeted the new year in North Carolina once again, watching Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin on CNN and hanging out with my parents, neighbors and eggnog. :)

I had a wonderful Christmas, which I will recap in a later post, and really enjoyed staying in both homes of Austin and Durham. I spent time with my family, my dear friends, and eating at all my favorite spots.

I've been back in LA for about 48 hours. I missed my housemates a lot, so I'm really glad to be reunited. At work this week, the kids aren't back in school yet, which reminds me just how boring an all day desk job really is, and how much I miss them! School starts back on Monday and I can't wait to see the kids.

I've made quite a few "resolutions" this year that I am hoping will make me happier and healthier. I will be dancing much more (which has been the biggest thing missing in my life in LA), be more organized and be nicer. I am the queen of snarky comments and eye rolling, and it really doesn't add much to my quality of life, so I'm going to try to start being nicer for a change.

Another post is coming about resolutions/happiness, so I will write more about that. You have any resolutions for the year? (Remember to be concrete, not vague!)

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