Saturday, March 24, 2012

Trayvon Martin

This week I have spent more pissed off than usual.

Trayvon Martin is my brother. My son. My cousin. My friend. My grandson. My nephew. My boyfriend. My classmate. My godson. My neighbor. My student.

You wouldn't know it by looking at me. I'm white. I will never have the experience that people of color have being immediately perceived as threatening by the color of their skin. I would never presume to say that I understand how that feels. It's not possible. I was born white, by no special talent of my own. I didn't choose my privilege, but I have it just the same.

But I will never stop working for justice. Trayvon Martin is still my family, is a part of all of our families. Every day that Trayvon's killer is not brought to justice, a little bit of all of our souls dies. I implore you to not just let this news make you sad for a moment then you move on to your regularly scheduled life. We cannot sit idly by.

Trayvon was killed because he was black. That was the most threatening thing he had going on. For everyone who thinks we live in a post-racial society, I say, really?! I urge everyone to take a good hard look at themselves--because this didn't just happen in Florida, it could've happened anywhere.

Tomorrow I will be joining a march and rally in Los Angeles, in support for Trayvon Martin and his family. It has been one month since he was murdered, for walking while black. It's not okay. What kind of message are we sending--that someone can be killed for the color of their skin, and there will be no punishment? We cannot let that be true.

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