Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May Update

It has been a month since my mom was diagnosed with cancer. It has been a year since I got my tattoo. Despite the fact my mom was not enthused about my getting it, lately I am all the more reminded why I did. Read my story here.

I've been slacking on updates of my year in JVC, so I'll try to say a bit...

Personal News:
I've gotten really good at making guacamole. I went to the Trayvon Martin solidarity march in the pouring rain, which was a very powerful experience. I visited three friends in the Bay Area over Urban Compass Spring Break--Kristen, Victoria & Alex. I had such a great time with all of them. I got a haircut. I am also planning to move back to Austin in August, for sure.

Casa DK news:
We had a St. Patrick's Day Party, not many JV's were present, but still a pretty fun party--it was good to see how much we have expanded our social circle outside of JVC! CMC, one of the other houses also recently had a Hunger Games themed party. We recently traveled up to Applegate, CA for silent retreat. We drove up a day early to spend time at Yosemite and then in Sacramento. Then we were silent for three days except for meetings with our spiritual directors. It was a very moving experience--the retreat center was beautiful and I found an inner peace through silence (though nearing the end I felt like I was going crazy...)

Urban Compass news:
We went on two field trips in April. The older kids went to a kite festival at Santa Monica Beach, sponsored by Otis College of Design, where they were able to build and decorate their own kites, and then fly them on the beach! The younger kids went to a petting zoo in Montebello. They were able to ride a train, ride ponies and feed/pet the animals. Many of my first graders were students of the month in April--I was a proud momma! We are preparing our schedule for summer camp in July.

That was really choppy, but you get the gist. Here's some pics, not in order...

Kristen & I in SF

My darling babies Daveon and Desire

In front of the falls in Yosemite

Victoria & I in Redwood City

Alex, Alex's mom Jan & I on Easter in Walnut Creek

my boys, Cristopher, Daveon & Gabaree on the field trip

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