Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thoughts to Begin the Week

If you cannot do unto others
What you would that they should do to you,
At least do not unto them
What you would not that they should do unto you.
If you would not be made to work ten hours at a stretch in factories or in mines,
If you would not have your children hungry, cold and ignorant,
If you would not be robbed of the land that feeds you,
If you would not be shut up in prisons or sent to the gallows or hanged for committing an unlawful deed through passion or ignorance,
If you would not suffer wounds, nor be killed in war--
Do not do this unto others.

All this is so simple and straightforward,
And admits of so little doubt,
That it is impossible for the simplest child not to understand,
Nor the cleverest [person] to refute it.
It is impossible to refute this law,
Especially because this law is given to us,
Not only by all the wisest [people] of the world,
Not only by the Man who is considered to be God by the majority of Christians,
But because it is written in our minds and hearts.

-Leo Tolstoy

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