Monday, July 9, 2012

What I've Been Reading

The Role of Men in the Fight Against Sexism

This is powerful writing asserting that masculinity does not have to depend on demeaning women. Favorite quotes:

Fuck society’s standards of manhood, telling us that we need to be tough, emotionless, violent, and sexist to be a man. 

Come on men, let’s break free. Let’s all stand together and say sexism will no longer exist in our name. It starts with simply listening to women and letting them speak about their oppression, but it ends with a unified fight.

Another powerful article on street harassment and what it feels like as a black woman. (Sidenote, on Saturday, Sonia and I were walking around and got meowed at. As in a man said "MEOW" when we walked by.) This article is about a woman and her harassment due to the dress she was wearing.

This video has been going around: an anti-domestic violence PSA inviting women to not cover up their abuse.

There was a shooting in South Central (a few actually) on 4th of July. This video on the story shows the press conference, in which the mother and stepmother of the young woman who was killed, speak. I've watched this video a few times in the last few days, and every single time I get chills. There is so much truth to these words:

For so long, we’ve upheld them in their wrong because they’re our brothers, our cousins, our family and we uphold them when they’re wrong and that’s why this is allowed to continue. How many of our kids have to die to uphold a war? A war that doesn’t exist; it’s in our minds, it’s in everybody’s minds. There’s no war. There’s causalities on both sides and nobody’s gonna win.

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