Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Busy AmeriCorps Life

I've been neglecting this blog. I've thought about it a lot--I've started composing posts in my head before getting distracted again. I was going to write about how it had been six months since I completed my year in JVC. (Now it's been almost eight). I was going to write about my experience at my first adult education conference, TALAE. I was going to write about BeyoncĂ©'s amazing performance at the Super Bowl. I was going to write about how I've always loved Valentine's Day & how this Valentine's Day was the first I've had with a "real" boyfriend. I was going to write about 40 hour training I did in the month of February to become a volunteer at Safe Place. I was going to write about One Billion Rising. I was going to write about Amplify Austin. I was going to write about victim-blaming and Landen Gambill at UNC.  I was going to write about International Women's Day. I've also been meaning for a long time to write about some hot button issues, i.e. gun control and VAWA.

But the fact is, since I started my AmeriCorps term late and due to some other circumstances, I've been working 45-60 hours a week in the last few months. 1700 hours by July 31st is becoming more possible the more I work. What am I doing? Co-teaching two ESL classes M-Th during the day. Tutoring/Admin help for GED classes twice a week at night. Co-teaching three classes on Saturdays--two ESL and one Citizenship. (That's all for ALA, my actual placement) Teaching ESL once a week at Posada Esperanza. As I mentioned, just completed a 40 hour training to volunteer at Safe Place, and will probably start next week. Also volunteering once a week at Inside Books Project. PLUS twice a month AmeriCorps meetings/professional development.

So yeah, I'm busy. That's not even including my personal life (though it's not like I have much of one outside my family and my boyfriend these days anyway). But I miss writing, so I'll try to be more intentional from now on.

This past week I spent with Creative Action at a Spring Break Camp. I have missed working with kids a lot so I was really excited. It was a fabulous week working on their own TV station--KRE8 TV--that they taped different segments for over the course of the week. I was with the younger group the whole week, and with the wonderful instructors, we put together a PSA about recycling, a music video to a song we wrote, dancing with the kid stars and a voiceover to animal videos. It was pretty amazing to see the screening yesterday. I was so proud of all those kids!

Currently, I am attempting to do some spring cleaning and find stuff to donate. I'm trying to think of it as a spiritual practice of letting go of things, but that is hard for a person with hoarding tendencies...

Until next time :)