Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quote Wall

When we first moved in to Casa Dorothy Kazel, we were cleaning a lot and also trying to find ways to make DK our own. During orientation, I had filled up the ends of my journal with quotes I had been thinking about. When we moved in to Casa DK, I had the idea of writing down a lot of those quotes, plus others I really liked and putting them in different areas of the house. I started taping a couple on the door and my housemates likes the idea of just sticking them all on the door, so I did that. Yesterday, since we didn't have a lot to do at work, I wrote down a lot more to add to the wall, and added them this morning.

You may have guessed there is one I didn't write since the handwriting is different... but the sentiment was something we'd all been thinking about before we started our jobs a few weeks ago. It may not be the most eloquent way of saying it, but yes, our shit is gonna get rocked this year.

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